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Specializing in suspension work and alignment, Precision Alignment takes pride in delivering the very best alignments in Utah.

We specialize in suspension, steering, and performance setups for high performance, racing, hot-rod, classic, and custom applications. Our experienced team understands how much time, money and effort goes into these cars. We treat them as if they were one of our own. If you have a special vehicle that needs setup, repair, or even just a check-up, you can rest assured that our team here will treat it right.

Centrally located, in Midvale, near the South interchange of I-15 and I-215, we serve customers throughout the Salt lake Valley.

Vehicle alignment affects performance, fuel economy, tire wear and the driving experience.   Whether you are looking to reduce your lap time a half second on the track, or just striving to get maximum economy and tire life out of your family car, we can dial your vehicle in to achieve the best possible performance.   We utilize the latest equipment, including a Hunter Hawkeye Elite laser alignment system for maximum accuracy.   This system is self-compensating, and uses four precision cameras to measure the position and orientation of targets mounted to each wheel using Hunter’s patented QuickGrip™ adaptors.

We also employ a Hunter GSP 9700 diagnostic balancer. This machine allows measurement and compensation for variation in wheel and tire tolerances; clocking the tire onto the wheel for the optimal total geometric solution.

We all know how rough Utah roads can be. For most cars, we recommend (and for many warranties, tire manufacturers require) an annual alignment.

Our specialty is custom and high performance vehicles. For complex alignment needs, we are able to set the vehicle up to your customer provided specifications.

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  • Offering Utah’s best alignment service.
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1Welcome to Precision Alignment2Offering Utah’s best alignment service.3Specialty alignmentsHigh Performance.4Full Race Configurations.5Custom setups.Need it set up right?6Bring it to Precision Alignment.

Basic alignment services start at $69. We also perform all types of suspension repair and service.

Contact Precision Alignment directly at: 801-232-4109, or call American & Foreign Garage at 801-261-8903 to schedule an appointment.

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